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Combined with a slowly worsening backdrop of climate change effects, COVID-19 has brought significant disruption and a dramatic increase in the level of risk globally facing society. Insurance companies traditionally offer protection against risk, but the insurance industry has also been massively affected by these twin threats and is facing major challenges to respond to the threats.

At the same time, there has been something of a technology revolution which is also stirring up the insurance industry, given a decent nudge by COVID-19. In April 2020 – a couple of months into the pandemic, the CEO of Microsoft reported 200 million MS Teams meetings occurring in a single day – two years of digital transformation took place in two months, he added. Other tech advances are changing the risk environment in a big way too – driverless cars, anyone?

The tech revolution has seen insurance company IT evolve from simple record-keeping systems – basically automation of manual ledgers – into systems capturing data inflow from external parties and now systems which capture not just the business transactions but the client-provider conversations that accompanying them. Very soon the technology will be making insurance decisions on their own, in real-time.