Family Legal Expense Insurance

Legal fees have reached a level where costs may be a barrier to seek justice in disputes for many individuals.

Family Legal Expense Insurance


Family Legal Expenses insurance now offers cover that protects you and your immediate family members against the potential costs of legal action brought by or against you, providing you access to rightful legal support.

Coverage Benefits

Personal Injury

Pays legal expenses to pursue compensation for injury.

Property Disputes

Pays for legal expenses in respect of property and tenancy disputes.

Employment Disputes

Pays legal expenses incurred by you for pursuing proceedings against your employer for breach of your employment contract or employment legislation.

Consumer Contract Disputes

Pays legal expenses in defending or pursuing legal proceedings over consumer purchase/sale/hire agreements.

Criminal Prosecution

Pays for legal expenses incurred in defending a first criminal prosecution against you.

Extensive Coverage

Cover for a wide range of situations/disputes which would not trigger a liability policy.

Any Dispute Activates Policy

No alleged liability is required to activate the policy, merely the fact a dispute exists.

Both Pursuit and Defence Coverage

Both pursuit and defence coverage included (legal pursuit coverage is outside the remit of standard insurance policies).



Target Segments

Broad range of industries



Smart Business Essentials

Our comprehensive smart business essentials bundle is tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises*. This bundle includes Commercial Legal Expense, Family Legal Expense, and Personal Cyber Protection Insurance, protecting your business and your selected employees against risks in today’s dynamic environment.

*Small and medium-sized enterprise refers to entity with annual revenue/turnover not exceeding SGD$250million. Please reach out to Delta underwriters for more details. The information contained in this document is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute advice. Coverage offered by Delta is subject to terms and conditions outlined and certain restrictions, limitations and exclusions contained in the policy of insurance.

Smart Business Essentials

Personal Cyber Protection Insurance

Commercial Legal Expense Insurance


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