Delta Spotlight - Nathan Barrett

Delta Insurance Chief Operating Officer Nathan Barrett is something of a rarity in the business because he decided this was the industry for him while still in school. He recalls a Year 12 ‘work experience day’ where he visited a broking office in Hastings and decided that this seemed like a great career with a lot of potential for those who stick with it.

So, that’s precisely what he did. After finishing his studies at Massey University, Nathan started out at State Insurance before heading off on his OE to London via Sydney where he worked as an underwriting assistant and has never looked back.

That was back in 2002, and since then he’s moved through the underwriting ranks towards senior and executive positions, including a lengthy stint of nearly 17 years with FMG. There he served as General Manager of Underwriting and Risk Quality, then Chief Product & Pricing, Underwriting & Claims Officer. Looking for a change in environment and direction, Nathan moved from Wellington to Auckland in early 2022, joining Rothbury as Executive General Manager – IT Operations and Commercial Services.

Nathan has had a long association with the company founders and says he’s followed Delta’s progress closely since its 2014 founding. “The people and culture attracted me, as well as the opportunity to make a real positive difference in a growing company. There’s a lot of work ahead in the COO role, but it is an exciting opportunity to maintain and grow the systems and processes underpinning a successful organisation as it scales.”

Barrett adds that coming on board represents the culmination of a long-term personal ambition. “I’d wanted to join Delta when the time was right. The company is a growth story kicking into higher gear with the right balance of innovative products and people who really know underwriting across a variety of risk categories.”

With his talents lying in structure, process, planning and implementation, Nathan is a team player who works best with a plan and is looking forward to engaging with the broader Delta team in delivering a shared vision where insurance supports business ambition through shared risk.

Outside the office, Nathan loves sport and hiking, with a blended family of three children giving him plenty of running around beyond the exercise he routinely enjoys.