Jasper Hartono - Group Business Process Manager

Say hi to Jasper Hartono

Having worked directly ‘in the business’ as an underwriter (and winning an award or two in the process), Jasper Hartono has a unique perspective on the technology and processes powering Delta Insurance in the background. He’s also one of the more tenured staff members, having joined the company some 8 years ago – and now, as Group Business Process Manager, Jasper is working to make Delta more efficient, more effective, and quite simply better every day.

Originally in the Auckland head office but now working out of Singapore, Jasper relishes getting stuck in with Business Analysts and project managers, helping understand and produce solutions to complex problems. He’s always looking for a challenge: even his morning train ride presents a puzzle to be solved, as Jasper likes calculating which carriage door will arrive closest to his destination.

Armed with a degree in accounting and information systems, he made the shift from underwriters to BPM as he likes knowing how things work, then finding ways to do them better. If he’s that focused on the train door, he’s into the deep details of processes in the office.

With a firm belief that processes, and technology should work for people – rather than the other way round – Jasper takes a human-centric lens to his work, seeking the delivery of great experiences for underwriters, brokers and administrators alike.

When the working day is done, he’ll be found trying new cuisine on Singapore’s lively food scene, cooking with his automated American-style BBQ, and embracing his passion for martial arts. A brown-belt in jiujitsu and a dabbler in boxing, Jasper also spends a good deal of time examining how other business operate in his continual quest for knowledge.