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April 4, 2024

What Became of the Claim? - Cyber breach

A trusted F&B company recently faced a nightmare scenario: a cyberattack that compromised terabytes of sensitive data. Hackers infiltrated their systems through a common vulnerability, highlighting the ever-present threat landscape. The good news? They had a plan. ️ Read More

January 24, 2024

Delta Underwriting named Insurance Asia News MGA of the Year 2023

Delta Underwriting has been awarded the Insurance Asia’s Managing General Agent (MGA) of the Year 2023 award for the second time running. Read More

January 12, 2024

Cyber Attack - What became of the claim?

An employee of the organisation fell victim to a phishing email, unwittingly triggering the deployment of a malicious malware within the company's network. Read More


September 19, 2023

Cyber - the ever-evolving risk

Cyber-attacks increased by 38% in 2022 and the cost is predicted to hit US$10 trillion by 2025*. As the cyber landscape continually evolves at a rapid pace, it is no wonder that demand for Cyber insurance is increasing exponentially as well. Read More

August 16, 2022

Singapore-based insurtech firm Surer announces partnership with Delta Underwriting to better serve the cyber and tech insurance space for SMEs

Cyber, Technology Liability, Professional Indemnity and Directors & Officers Liability insurance are in huge demand amongst SMEs, but access to such products by intermediaries is limited and cumbersome. Surer partners with specialist underwriting firm - Delta Underwriting, to better serve this demand. Read More

August 19, 2021

Delta Singapore and Stone Forest unveil cyber insurance partnership

The Intelligent Insurer covers Delta Singapore’s latest partnership with IT managed services provider Stone Forest. Read More